Although the attorneys at Douglas McDaniel & Campo are seasoned trial and appellate counsel, we have found that almost any legal dispute can be resolved if people are willing to sit in a room together and act reasonably – the essence of mediation.

During the mediation process, parties to a dispute attempt to resolve their differences by mutual agreement. A mediator is not empowered to force the parties to settle their case, nor does a mediator advocate on behalf of either party. An effective mediator bridges the divide between the parties, encouraging them to take a realistic look at their case and work to find a settlement that balances the risks, rewards, and expenses of moving forward with a lawsuit or arbitration proceeding.

That’s where we come in. Our lawyers have the real world background, legal experience and people skills to resolve even the most difficult disputes.


In this day and age, litigating a case through trial is prohibitively expensive for most people. No matter how strong you think your case may be, victory at trial is never completely assured. Trials are unpredictable and risky. Even when you get a judgment, it may not justify the expense as nearly 80% of judgments in the United States are not collected.

A judgment at trial can also be appealed to the Maine Supreme Court (the “Law Court”), which will cause you to incur additional attorney fees and will likely delay the final resolution of your case for at least a year, at the end of which your favorable judgment may be reversed. Mediation is a vehicle for obtaining a prompt, cost-effective resolution that allows the parties to get on with their lives and businesses.

While it is true that some cases simply cannot be resolved prior to trial, in many cases a reasonable settlement is the right choice for all parties.

We offer mediation services in the following areas:

Tom Douglas
Personal Injury, Employment Disputes, Business Litigation, Medical Malpractice

Ben Campo
Real Estate, Commercial Disputes, Foreclosure, Probate Contests, Construction Disputes