Boundary & Easement Disputes

When someone challenges the ownership of your land, whether by making a claim to a parcel of land that has been in your family for years or by blocking access to land your family has always enjoyed, the results can be devastating. The attorneys of Douglas McDaniel Campo & Schools have extensive experience working with landowners to determine ownership and land use rights.

Boundary and Easement Attorneys

As your boundary and easement dispute attorneys, we will:

  • Help protect and establish a prescriptive easement or right of way
  • Make or defend against claims of adverse possession
  • Help you determine the property rights of your or your neighbors
  • Help you address maintenance costs of these shared amenities by working with or establishing road associations and homeowners associations

Maine Property Law

Maine is full of private roads, beaches and docks that are owned jointly by several neighbors. The laws governing land ownership and deed construction can be arcane and often defy common sense.

To help you navigate Maine property laws, we will:

  • Investigate deeds and plans of record
  • Sort through evidence from historical photographs, public records
  • Identify additional resources, such as family records, journals and receipts

You can rely on us to effectively assert your rights. We will give you peace of mind, knowing that your property rights areĀ on sound legal footing.

If you have a Boundary or Easement concern, or a question about how Maine Property law pertains to you, contact us today for a free consultation.

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